Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Brands Made by Parsun Outboards

As I've been researching the Chinese-made Parsun 4-stroke outboard motors, I've run across many different brand names for the same product.

This is where I'm collecting pictures of Parsuns by another name. Here's a picture of the Parsun 5 hp like I own. I think that's supposed to be shadow and not smoke at the bottom of the photo:

The first non-Parsun brand is Genovo. This isn't too suprising because I learned that "Genovo Power Pioneer Co.,Ltd. is the shareholder of Parsun Power Machine Co.,Ltd. and is responsible for all the overseas marketing."

The next brand is close to home because the Parsun outboards are sold as APS by Canadian Tire stores:

Coleman is a well-known brand for outdoor equipment such as camping gear. It turns out they've slapped a Coleman label on some Parsun engines and they're being sold in Walmart stores in the U.S.

Some Parsun outboards are sold in Europe under the Jetmarine label. Did you notice that all outboards shown on this page have white propellers?

An Australian company known for its aluminum boats is marketing the Parsun/Genovo outboards under the Vortex brand.
If you have any more Parsun labels - or if you feel the ones I've listed are incorrect - please let me know?



  1. Dear ken
    All you write is true
    I have the brand genovo in Israel

  2. GolfStream motor outboard in Russia.

  3. good info